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Allo Allo-Dining Experience

Allo Allo-Dining Experience

Listen very carefully - we shall say ziss only once… Welcome to Renée and Edith’s restaurant - but you may have chosen a bad night. Renée has agreed to look after the painting of the Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies in the cellar, to keep it safe till the war is over. But Herr Flick of the Gestapo is on its trail on the orders of Hitler himself - and he’s coming tonight! Michelle of the French resistance could not have picked a worse time to hide the British airmen in the same hotel. Renée will have to use all his ingenuity - not to mention his wife’ appalling cabaret singing - to throw Herr Flick off the scent. It won’t be easy, especially when Officer Crabtree turns up to lend a hand. Featuring a host of favourite characters from the classic sitcom, this evening of food and comedy will make sure, as officer Crabtree might say, “You will stool be loafing tomorrow moaning!” Format For The Evening Arrive at 7pm For a 7.30pm Start Includes a 3 Course Pre-Selected Meal Themed Entertainment Dancing Until Midnight Carriages 12.30pm Sample Menu* Starter Prawn Cocktail or Pate Main Herb Stuffed Chicken or Beef Bourguignon Dessert Chocolate Brownie or Lemon Tart *Please advise us of any dietary requirements*

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