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The Travelling Wilburys

The Travelling Wilburys

THE TRAVELING WILBURYS SHOW THIS IS NOT JUST A ROY ORBISON TRIBUTE SHOW This is a 2 x 60 minutes tribute show to 5 great legends JEFF LYNE, GEORGE HARRISON, ROY ORBISON, TOM PETTY & BOB DYLAN. Individual hits performed in the show include PRETTY WOMAN, ONLY THE LONELY, IN DREAMS ,YOU GOT IT, I DROVE ALL NIGHT , RUNAWAY, MR BLUE SKY, ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN, SWEET TALKIN WOMAN, I WONT BACK DOWN,FREE FALLIN,RUNNING DOWN A DREAM, BLOWIN IN THE WIND, THE MIGHTY QUINN, KNOCKIN ON HEAVENS DOOR, HERE COMES THE SUN, GOT MY MIND SET ON YOU, MY SWEET LORD The late 1980's saw the birth of one of the most famous and memorable super groups of all time THE TRAVELING WILBURYS featuring five individual icons in their own right. This formidable team created an album that completely rocked the music industry and sold over five million copies worldwide. The biggest tracks are performed in this show including LAST NIGHT, HEADING FOR THE LIGHT, HANDLE WITH CARE, RATTLED, NOT ALONE ANYMORE. END OF THE LINE, WILBURY TWIST, The WILBURYS were a real force to be reckoned with and created a sound and style so unique that even to this day there has never been anything quite like it. With the WILBURYS never actually going on tour perhaps due to the untimely death of ROY ORBISON in 1988 Their fans never got to see them all together in a live concert experience, this is now their opportunity not to be missed. This truly professional show which also carries full merchandising is selling out everywhere, so you should really consider taking a date. THE CAST PAUL HOPKINS as ROY ORBISON: OWEN JAMES as TOM PETTY RICHARD GIBSON as JEFF LYNNE : AUBREY ROBINSON as BOB DYLAN : RICHARD JEAVONS as GEORGE HARRISON: ANDREW WHITTAKER as JIM KETNER on drums

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